Our tape game is strong. Never been on a tape before, let alone with such cool cats!!!!

Wind Up Space//John Frusciante

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facebook??? sorry thats for LOSER idiot extroverts unlike me, who is a COOL smart introvert. now if you’ll excuse me i have a book to read and a tumblr post to ‘feels’ *hits tardis bookshelf with pathetically scrawny elbow, tons of books pile upon my useless body as i lie motionless*

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So I’m moving to New York in like a week or so. That’s left me with a reasonable amount of anxiety, not in a completely bad way. Any followers who live in the city? BEFRIEND MEEEEEEEEEEE.

Watching every horrible film I can get my hands on today.


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That time boog and The Districts played a show in my basement. I get real happy when I think about this.
It’s super dope when you get extremely old stuff to work.

Grimes in a heated argument with Joanna Newsom