Tigers Jaw//Spirit Desire

Probably one of my favorite songs ever.

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Someone send me a message or something, bored as fuck over here.

You Don’t Turn Down by Marnie Stern

so much happens in this song

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Articulately respond to the inarticulate. 


Sun Ra 171: Sun Ra’s UC Berkeley Lecture (sshh!) and Reading List

When Sun Ra served as artist-in-residence at the University of California Berkeley, he gave a lecture, in African American Studies 198  — variously also known as Sun Ra 171, The Black Man in the Universe and The Black Man in the Cosmos. Open Culture revives Sun Ra’s 1971 lecture, surreptitiously recorded, purportedly by a student, and Sun Ra’s reading list.  

-Nick Moy

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tumblr is too subject to mob mentality.


Suicidal Tendencies | Institutionalized

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